The Healthy Territory Kids is an 9 week healthy lifestyle program for children aged 7 to 13 years who are above a healthy weight. It is delivered by Healthy Living NT through funding from the NT Department of Health and is run by trained professionals. Sessions are 2 hours long and held after school, once a week during school terms.

The program aims to improve the health of the child through the development of healthy lifestyle behaviours, as well as educating and positively effecting kids’ attitude to food and exercise. The program includes:

Nutritional info:

  • Food serving sizes
  • Label reading
  • Menu planning and recipes
  • Guidelines for eating out and parties

Support and advice:

  • Talking about weight
  • Goals and rewards
  • Role modelling
  • Problem solving

Personal improvement:

  • Physical activity
  • Self-esteem

Fun games:

  • Fitness
  • Movement skills
  • Team building

A Healthy Territory Kids brochure and poster is available to download or print.

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The Healthy Territory Kids program is highly effective in supporting healthy lifestyle changes for children and their families.

Similar versions of this program are being conducted in various states in Australia and have proven to improve:

  • Self-esteem
  • Sporting skills and fitness
  • Teamwork and communication
  • Eating habits
  • Concentration, mood and behaviour
  • Overall health
  • BMI

Independent clinical studies show that children who take part in this program experience:

  • A significant decrease in body mass index (0.6kg/m²)
  • A drop in waist circumference of 1.7cm
  • An increase of 3.8 hours per week in time spent being physically active
  • A decrease of 3.4 inactive hours per week
  • Increase in fitness and self esteem

Improved nutrition knowledge

Healthy Territory Kids originates from the Mind, Exercise, Nutrition… Do it! – MEND program which was designed and developed by health professionals in the United Kingdom before being modified to comply with Australian policies and guidelines.

The Better Health Company designed and developed the original program for Australian communities and continues to facilitate program implementation across Australia and New Zealand. Better Health Company works with a diverse range of partners and stakeholders from children and families through to State and Federal Government, to enable effective programs, training and resources to be implemented in local communities.

To find out more about The Better Health Company go to

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Program Details

The Term 1 program has commenced in Darwin and will commence Term 2 in Palmerston and Term 3 in Alice Springs.  A progressive roll-out during will occur next year to Katherine, Tennant Creek and Nhulunbuy.

  • We are currently in the process of finalising dates, times and locations.

Session Outline

Each session is divided into two components which last an hour respectively.

Nutrition and healthy eating

Activities include interactive discussions about nutrition and healthy choices, how to read food labels, portion sizes, self-esteem and other topics.

Physical activities and games

Fun game based activities and games designed to get the children interested in being physically active.

During this component, while the children exercise, parents or carers have a group-based discussion with the theory leader on topics that concern their child and family’s health.

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Frequently asked questions

What is ‘above a healthy weight’?
Above a healthy weight is a body mass index (BMI) above that recommended for a child of a specific age, height and sex. BMI is an approximate measure of the best weight for health. To determine if your child is within the healthy weight range or above a healthy weight, enter your child’s age, sex, height and weight into the BMI calculator or call 08 8927 8488
Who can attend?
The Healthy Territory Kids program is free for Northern Territory Kids:
  • Aged 7 – 13 years
  • Above a healthy weight
  • A parent or carer available to attend each session
Do I need a doctor’s referral?
You do not need a doctor’s referral if your child has no existing medical conditions that may impact his/her ability to participate in this program. Families can self-refer via the online registration. Referrals are also accepted from health professionals and organisations with parent/carer consent.
How can I refer a child?
Health professionals can refer eligible families using the Healthy Territory Kids referral form. Forms can be faxed to 08 8927 8515 or emailed to

Healthy Territory Kids Referral Form
What if my child has other medical conditions?
If your child has any medical conditions that may affect their ability to participate in the program you need to seek guidance from your child’s doctor. You will be required to complete a medical questionnaire at the start of the program to inform the program leaders of any existing medical conditions of your child.
What is the cost?
The program is free for eligible Northern Territory families to participate. It is funded by the NT Department of Health.
What about siblings?
Siblings may participate in the program but it is dependent on the size of the group and venue. Please note that any resources handed out as part of the program will only be for children who meet the criteria and are registered for the program. Please discuss this with the team when they contact you.
What happens when I register for the program?
You will receive a phone call from the Healthy Territory Kids team to confirm your registration and provide you with the program details. If you are eligible and choose to proceed, you will be booked into a program that is convenient to you and be provided with a letter or email confirming the details.
Is Healthy Territory Kids a diet?
Healthy Territory Kids is not a diet, it’s a fun program that encourages children and their families to become fitter, healthier and happier.
Does the program work?
Independent clinical studies show that the Healthy Territory Kids program has helped children who are above a healthy weight to:
  • reach a healthier weight,
  • increase the time they spend being active,
  • improve their fitness and raise their self-esteem.
The program has been fully adapted to meet all current Australian guidelines and meets National Health and Medical Research Council recommendations for the Management of Overweight and Obesity in Children.
What are the benefits of the program?
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • Improved sporting skills and fitness
  • Improved team work and communication
  • Improved diet
  • Improved concentration and mood / behaviour
  • Decreased BMI and waist circumference
  • A healthier child