The Healthy Territory Kids program is designed by health experts in the field of childhood obesity, nutrition, psychology and physical activity. The program meets all current Australian guidelines and recommendations for the management of overweight and obesity in children and has been researched extensively.

Results from a successful randomized control trial published in Obesity (Vol 18, Supp 2, Feb 2010) showed statistically significant improvements at 6 months including:

  • BMI decreased by 1.2kg/m2
  • Waist circumference decreased by 4.1cm
  • Physical activity increased by 3.9 hours per week
  • Sedentary activity decreased by 5.1 hours per week
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Recovery heart rate decreased by 20.3 bpm

The Healthy Territory Kids program has been adapted to suit Northern Territory’s use of WHO growth charts. By referring a child to the Healthy Territory Kids program, you are giving them the opportunity to improve their health including physical fitness, self-esteem and nutritional knowledge.

If you know a child who has a weight above the healthy weight range, please complete the referral form and send it to or fax it to 8927 8515

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be notified of your referral’s status/progress. Thank you for your referral.

Download the health professionals referral form